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Who are we?

The Aulodie Editions were founded in 2019 by two brothers, Pierre-Antoine Caboufigue and Jean-Philippe Caboufigue. Their original intention was to distribute beloved orchestral pieces for ensembles that concentrate the majority of orchestra musicians: the wind orchestras. Pierre-Antoine Caboufigue and Jean-Philippe Caboufigue are two former students of the Claude Debussy Conservatory in Paris, where they conduct their musical studies before diversifying their knowledge in composition, orchestration, arrangement, or orchestra conducting.

In the beginning, the arrangements were the product of a volunteer approach that consisted of supporting the diversity of the repertoire of small local harmonies lacking the means to obtain scores, while protecting the rights of authors and music publishers. After several years of practice in arrangement, orchestration, and transcription, Pierre-Antoine Caboufigue and Jean-Philippe Caboufigue decide to share the product of their last years of contribution in order to broaden the repertoire available on the music publishing market.
The Aulodie Editions aim to be a central source of varied musical content, ranging from orchestral transcriptions to the production of original compositions on order for all mediums, as well as publishing for new creative shoots. Aulodie Editions not only publish arrangements, but also contemporary composers, and offer customized composition services for structures in demand for music (score for images, communication music, etc.). Before being publishers or republishers, we are first and foremost musical service providers, a vein at the origin of our house, founded on the wish to provide partners with content that meets their aesthetic and artistic imagination.